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Relationship Coach + Trauma Therapist, Gretel Jane

Meet Gretel

Relationship Transition Coach and Trauma Therapist

I'm a Relationship Coach + Trauma Therapist for Separated Parents with School Age Children. I help parents navigate the confusion, stress and emotional roller coaster of separation as well as supporting families who have experienced trauma or are dealing with mental health issues.

My lived experience gives me a unique understanding and insight into what my clients are going through. It allows me to help them more effectively to heal and grow and move forward with the passion and joy they deserve!

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What's going on in your life?

  • Are you wondering what the hell you are going to do now?

  • Do you feel stuck?

  • Do you wonder if you will ever be able to heal and move forward?

  • Do you find it hard to trust other people?

  • Do you struggle to trust yourself to make good decisions?

  • Is the emotional pain and turmoil doing your head in?

  • Do conversations with your ex-partner frustrate you and leave you feeling angry, fearful or unsettled?

  • Are you fearful of being hurt again?

  • Are you often feeling lonely, lost or disconnected?

  • Do you feel like you are not good enough in some way?

  • Are you just plain sad?

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FREE Cuppa & a Chat

30 Minutes


FREE Taste of Calm Session 
30 minutes

Friends Having Coffee
Touching the Surface

Let's meet and chat about what is happening for you and how working with me would help you to move through some of the challenges you are experiencing to feel calm, confident and free in life and as a parent.

You'll leave feeling like there is a way forward from feeling stuck or constantly in conflict with you children or your ex partner.

Forgotten what calm feels like? Worried about taking it out on your children and the impact of your separation on them? Struggling with mental health issues? This session will set you up to build your capacity to find and feel that calm, peace and confidence and give you a taster of what it is like to work with a Relationship Coach + Trauma Therapist.

I’ll teach you a fantastic technique you can use on your own and with your children.

Separation Clarity Session

90 Minutes


Journey to Calm, Confident & Free Beyond Separation
1 month or 3 months

Psychology Patient
Support Groups

We'll go deep on exploring, identifying and identifying the root cause of your biggest blocks to feeling calm, confident and free as a parent and in life in general too.

We'll work together over a month or 3 months with the options for adding further sessions, to deep dive on all healing and moving through all your biggest blocks so you can live your life on your terms, supporting your children and ccommunicating better with your ex-partner.

Life is not supposed to be hard.

"The Wound is where the Light Enters."

What my clients say

Gretel is an approachable and engaging coach. She is so relatable and personable, which really helps put one at ease and open up. She listens with such interest and love to help you find solutions to your struggles. I thank Gretel for all her kind support and gentle guidance.

- Shereen

Gretel is an amazing coach! She is able to assess and analyse even the most complex circumstances and come up with suggestions and advice. She is extremely warm and kind which people who are going through the emotional turmoil of marital separation need. Throughout my coaching sessions with her, I always came away feeling lighter and able to tackle even the most difficult issues. She is 'da bomb'!!!!

- Julia

I have had a few coaching session now with Gretel Jane. She is a very patient and intuitive coach who listens attentively and takes you on a journey of self-discovery and healing. I feel so grateful to have her support as a coach.

- Tracey

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Friends Having Coffee

Book a Cuppa & a Chat with me and we'll explore what is happening for you together.

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